Monday, March 4, 2013

Candy Corn

Hey guys - it's a new week but I'm still rockin' on with the month of Indies! Next week I will be taking a break to focus on a 5 day challenge but aside from that, Indie City!
So today I am showing you yet another of my untried Indie polishes - Ninja Polish's Candy Corn.
This is a glow in the dark polish from their Halloween 2012 Collection.

Along with Candy Corn (on the right) I used a base of another of my untried polishes, Marigold by Aldo (as in Aldo Shoes, yes) - A nice yellow jelly that covers in about 3 coats - I only used 2 here.

Candy Corn is an insanely hot yellow jelly base verging on neon with large white square glitters and then coppery and whitish silver small hex glitters. See? Yellow, Orange and White, like a Candy Corn!

The polish was obviously much more neon-esque in person but this was about the closest I could get to its reality.

I'd venture to say that you could use this one its own and reach a good coverage at about 3 coats.

Shown at 1 coat over Marigold and topped with Julep Quick Dry Top Coat - my favorite part of this polish was probably the bold brightness of it and the tiny copper glitters. Formula was really, really nice.

My first venture into glow in the dark photography. Pretty terrible right?
This was after about a 5 minute charge under my OTT lite plus being under it during application. Really glowy!

Unfortunately, I don't think these Halloween polishes are available any longer, but maybe they will come back this year so keep an eye out!
You can purchase a ton of awesome polishes from Ninja Polish, as well as their own house brand, which I have seen a ton of swatches for and every one of them looks amazing.
NINJA POLISH shop here.

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