Candy Striper

Todays Indie polish is maybe more of a loosely Indie polish. I bought these from an Indie retailer, Ninja Polish, so I consider them Indies. They are really more like foreign polishes but I really needed to wear them so here they come!

Polishes In This Post:
La Femme - Unica
La Femme - Galaxia
China Glaze - I'm Not Lion

Unica, I'm Not Lion and Galaxia

Unica is a gorgeous green holographic polish, similar to A England Dragon but dirtier and way more holo. But not super holo. 

Galaxia - a stunning purple jelly with holographic, purple and silver microglitter/flakie particles.

So yeah - I started with a base of I'm Not Lion then taped diagonally and painted on one coat of each of these polishes. While this won't give you a full review on its opacity and how it looks on its own, it can show you some super beautiful ideas of what you can achieve with it!

I'm so sold on both of these polishes, I cannot wait to use them solo!

You can pick these La Femme polishes up, and more, at Ninja Polish!

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