Monday, March 18, 2013

Cold Hearted Sweetie

You might think that title is about me, but it's actually about my polish pairing I've got set up to show you today!
Har har...I can be mean, it's true. But under it all, I'm a sweetie.

So some backstory on both polishes I am showing you today.

The "Sweet" polish I won in a giveaway last year from the lovely and talented Very Emily (please, please, follow her blog if you don't, she is super talented and a total sweetheart). It's a polish you can purchase through Born Pretty Store.

The Indie for todays continuing Indie Month is called Cold Hearted by Candy Lacquer. The story here is to let you know that the customer service you can expect from Candy Lacquer is bar none awesome. I had purchased a polish from Candy Lacquer last year and after my first use of it, I was having some issues with its thickness. No amount of thinner was working and it was bubbling my nail like a son-of-a. I tried using it again a few months later, same stuff. I contacted Sandra of CL and she was out of the polish but asked if I'd like a refund or to try something similar, which I opted for the closest thing she had to the polish I was having issues with.
The polish she sent me came in a week or less and was so awesome that I am now actually kind of glad the other didn't work out, I love this one so much more.

Lets get to it now that I've talked your ear off.

Here is Sweet Color #10 and Candy Lacquer Cold Hearted

Cold Hearted Macro - FULLLLLLL of satin, iridescent and matte white glitters in squares, hex, hearts and a bunch of awesome. It seemed to also have an iridescent microglitter that flashed blue/green/purple on the nail but damned if I could photograph it!

Shown here is 2 coats of Sweet Color #10 (word of warning, this polish coats nice and has a good formula but it stinks like hell) and one coat of Cold Hearted.

Formula on this polish was heavenly, no fishing and it let out just the right amount of glitter with just the right amount of base so it wasn't thick.

I can't wait to try this polish again with maybe 2 or 3 coats for a full on blizzard of awesome.

And of course....matte. Because I'm worth it.

Do you love Candy Lacquer? I'm sold, I'm gonna need some more of these for sure.
I've gathered from my stealth intel that Candy Lacquer is restocking their shops on the 24th, so set your calendar and check them out here:

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