Digital Dozen - Geek Week - Tetris

Welcome to Day 2 of Geek Week via The Digital Dozen.

The Digital Dozen is a group of amazing nail bloggers and even more amazing ladies I am happy to know. I swear I cant say it enough, but this nail world has really introduced me to some fabulous women.
Now...could you tell what I did today?
Yesterday when I mentioned it seemed I was a space geek, I wasn't sure if liking Tetris qualified as spacy. Or even geeky. But I geek out ON it, so it counts. And it's black, like space.

Woot for Tetris! I started this mani with Sinful Colors Black on Black - 2 coats. Then I topped it with Hard Candy Matte topcoat and man, it looked sexy.

Then I googled the exact colors of the Tetris cubes, and somehow I still screwed it up on my thumb and used the wrong color, so I switched the thumb and index. It wouldn't be a challenge if I didn't screw up my idea SOMEWHERE, I swear.

SO yeah, I had some square rhinestones that I received from someone along the line and they were actually what inspired this mani. I used my super awesome Pick'r Up'r tool to get them on the nail, I just added a tiny bit of topcoat with a dotting tool one stone at a time.

What video games do YOU geek out on?

As always - please visit these lovely ladies to see what they geeked about today!!

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