Digital Dozen - Geek Week - Geeky Owls!

How awesome is today going to be for the finale of Geek Week!?

All of us did a surprise mani in honor of our favorite geek, Kirsten of The Geeky Owl.

She is an awesome girl and I am so honored to call her my friend. I hope and know she is going to enjoy every single one of these little homage manicures we have done for her today!

For this mani I have used a portion of the new Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection.
Sweet Dreams, Unicorn, Orange Cream, Innocent and Sugar Rush.

The owl was done using BM309 stamp and Konad Black stamping polish. I freehanded the branch with a black striping polish.

Yes, even though I did this manicure like a month ago, I somehow managed to use the same polish in this as in the one I showed you yesterday - this black and white square glitter mix by Dandy Nails - Colorblind Squared. It's that awesome, I've shown it on the blog at least 3 times now. Is that a record?

<3 You Kirsten!!!!

Now go see everyone else's (except Kirstens!) Geeky Owl Manis!

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