Digital Dozen - Geek Week - MST3K

I don't think you are truly a geek until you LOVE MST3K.

Now, I don't consider myself a geek per se...but damn do I still love this show to this day.

For those who aren't in the know, which is probably ALOT of you - MST3K is an acronym for Mystery Science Theater 3000.
This show has run on several different channels, mainly Comedy Central and SYFY from 1988 to 1999 with two different hosts throughout.

The basis of the show is that a man and 2 robots are trapped in a space station by this mad scientist and are forced to watch incredibly terrible b-movies/sci fi bombs. The funny spin is that the show is actually the movie and YOU have to sit through it as well. The good that the entire show is a different movie for each episode and consists of these 3 smartasses talking through the whole thing - imagine a directors/actors cut of a dvd with people talking through the whole thing about what was going on during the filming, its like that only instead of that sort of interesting commentary, these guys are just talking total and hilarious shit throughout.
So throughout the film, you see the movie with silhouettes of these three, the man and his 2 robots, at the bottom of the screen as if they are in a movie theater.
That was the basis of this mani, along with the MST3K logo moon.
The characters I used are Tom Servo, the weird gumball machine looking robot, Mike (the human) and Crow, the birdlike robot who looks like we was made from drum cymbals. There are also other robots on the space station I did not include, Gypsy and CamBot. Seriously - go find this show on Netflix.

Here's some fun stuff before we get to the nails:

And though I have yet to see every single episode, this is hands down my favorite of all time:

So now lets get to the nails!

So what I've done here, is I printed out their silhouettes in the movie seats and then I took a piece of clear packing tape and taped over the printed paper. I then painted on clear polish over the tape in the area of the design and then when that was dry, I painted over the image in black polish, aka tracing it.
Once that was dry (I left it overnight), I peeled the polish from the tape and I cut the pieces into 4 strips. 

Then I painted my nails using Pure Ice Kiss Me Here and globbed on Dandy Nails Colorblind Squared to mimic the look of a black and white movie/static. Then I applied my decals of the guys and freehanded some black to touch up and extend the seats and what not. Trimmed and top coated!

The moon was slightly more complex. I painted my nail white, then I sponged on Pure Ice Kiss Me Here and China Glaze Pelican Grey to mimic crater spots and light and dark parts of the moon. I quick dry topcoated that and when it was dry, I put a hole reinforcer sticker on my nail, slightly off center, and I took a black polish and a makeup sponge and lightly sponged around the outer portions of the sticker. After the black, I sponged on The Black Knight from Butter London to give the illusion of some space stars.

Then I went back into the moon shape and added some darker grey around the edges to add depth. Painted in the letter with grey and then over them with white and top coated to finish!

Here is what the moon logo looks like:

And a picture of Mike with Tom Servo and Crow:

So - have you ever enjoyed this amazing show?! What's your favorite episode? Can you even pick one?


Now be sure and see the other ladies of the Digital Dozen flying their geek flags for today:

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