Digital Dozen - Geek Week - Star Wars

Digital Dozen Day 3! We are halfway there and even though I'm sad its almost over, I'm totally fired up to show you that mani up there.

No geeker is a geeker unless they are in the Star camp - be it Trek or Wars, everyone loves one of them! It's like the age old argument - Stones or Beatles...only in space and it never gets old.

It was no question I needed to do a Star Wars mani this week...I may not be the biggest SW fan out there, but I can appreciate the darkside like the best of them.

The funny thing about theme weeks is that sooner or later - ya'll are gonna do something similar! Yesterday, Bee and Kirsten BOTH posted Star Wars manis! And Bee's was very very similar to mine in style - we just had to laugh at how we all have so much in common sometimes!

I seem to notice in this week of space nails I seem to be doing, that not only do I like space stuff, but apparently I like bad guys too.  I chose all Empire related characters for this mani! They're just badass, right?

Have you seen the movie Fanboys? It is hilarious, and it has a very heartfelt story underneath all the nerdy dude Star Wars stuff. And it has ^Jay Baruchel^ who is the best nerd ever.

They seem to have captured C3PO! Oh no!

So yeah - do you love this?! I love this! I loved this so much I was mad that it was the first mani I did when I was marathon nail arting over the weekend. Because I knew it couldn't stay! Good news was it was so easy to do I will be doing it again!

My simple galaxy fingers were achieved with black polish and Have An Ice Day holo polish by Catrice.

I'm super proud of these, especially the way I managed to paint chip up Boba Fetts helmet.

So tell me - are you a Star Wars fan or a Star Trek fan!?

Geek Week out with the rest of my Digital Dozen ladies below:

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