Sunday, March 10, 2013


This polish has SUCH a cool name. When I started blogging again, I was seeing this polish all over the place, I couldn't even have enough napkins nearby to catch all of my drool.
gross. sorry.
Anyway - sorry Im late posting this, I was busy yesterday with a serious marathon of nail art and I didn't get a chance to edit/write this post up til now.

So - this is Girly Bits - Fathomless. Enjoy!

I'm putting Fathomless over Sinful Colors Leap Flog today. Its a gorgeous dusty darkish sage green that came out last fall.

Fathomless - it's like the deepest depths of the ocean met the darkest parts of the night sky I swear. It's a deep green jelly base with holographic glitters that shift yellow, green, blue, gold and silver to my eyes. AKA - Amazing.

I applied 2 coats of Fathomless over Leap Flog. I've definitely seen Fathomless look greener in swatches than it does here, because I'm fairly certain Leap Flog dusted it up a bit and toned down its brightness. Personally, I love it that way though. 

This polish is not at all gritty, you don't need any fancy topcoats to finish it, it actually dries pretty glossy without them because of the jellyness. But I did use one coat of Out the Door over this manicure.

To the far right you can catch a gimpse of the holo sparkles that dance when this polish meets the light - brilliant!

This was my first experience using Girly Bits and I am super pleased with it. I do have one other I will be showing you later in the month as well!

I purchased this polish from the Llarowe website, but Girly Bits can also be purchased at:

And don't forget to check out the Girly Bits Facebook Page!

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