Julep Maven Box for March 2013 - Bombshell

I have a couple of quick posts to drop on you tonight - some new goodies you may want to see!
My Julep monthly Maven box rolled in today (add-ons will be here monday, boo!) - so I figured I would show you my monthly unboxing of it.
I opted in for the Bombshell this month - which consisted of Minnie and Adrianna polishes as well as Juleps new Rock Star hand creme.

Here is my freshly opened box! As always, adorable packaging with cuter little cards and quotes.

Everything out of the box. This months freebie is a Strawberry Mint lip balm. The tube is super cute and it smells really good. I usually toss these to my boyfriend since I have tons of lip balms, but I may keep this one for me.

Look at these pretties! I've yet to even open the hand creme box, so I can't comment on its smell - nah hang on. I will right now. It's right by me so why not!
For one, the box is super cute, with grafitti all over the side of it. It's 3 oz. and is a blend of Shea butter, Glycerin, Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Hmmmph - it has one of those lids that clicks open but doesnt come off. Not a fan of those. Ok, so I cant comment on the smell unless I physically apply this to my hands. Be back in a few after it dries and I can type again.
Ok - so I'm back with my thoughts.
The tube looks like something you would buy at Victorias Secret, pink and fading to purple, bright and bold.
The smell - same. It smells like it came straight out of VS or some other god awful mall store.  Its highly fragranced with some sort of floral.  I don't necessarily hate it, but I prefer my hand creme unscented.
The formula is nice though, not greasy, it sank in well and timely and feels moisturizing without feeling heavy. Minus the scent I really really like the feel of it so far. After giving it about 10 minutes I kinda think I could love it if it would just smell less.
The polishes - Minnie and Adrianna. Minnie is a shimmery fresh fruity looking salmon color, Adrianna is a creamy kiwi color. I hope to swatch these soon!
You can get your first Maven box for FREE using the code FREEBOX after you take the Julep Style Quiz - its such a fun program, you should check it out if you haven't yet!

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  1. OoOoOoO!!! I can't wait to get my Bombshell box too! It was unfortunately sent to the wrong town (not too far away luckily) today! The zip code is relatively close to mine, maybe I'll get it tomorrow... looking forward to your swatches!

  2. I've been wondering about the hand cream. I can't wait to get it though I'm disappointed it meals so much since I don't normally like that... Thanks for sharing!


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