Let Me Fly!

I'm pretty keen on todays post. Yesterdays post was super sub par but I'm making it up to you today!
I don't know if people still consider Cult Nails an Indie line, but I do, so she is making another appearance today! And I still have one more Cult polish to you this month as well! Why these sat so long unused is beyond me.

Polishes In This Post:
Cult Nails - Let Me Fly
Pure Ice - Alter Ego

Look here! Two super pretty ladies paired up today! Pure Ice Alter Ego and Cult Nails Let Me Fly.

Let Me Fly is a gorgeous blue leaning green with a stunning flakie shimmer. Slightly iridescent but totally fantastic.

How bout that? The Cult Nails polish and the Pure Ice polish covered fully in two coats, but both managed to cover the other in one coat, thankfully!

Formula on both of these polishes was awesome!

So it's pretty straightfoward that I've done yet another tape mani here - this time with striping tape in a star pattern.

Finished it up with a coat of Out the Door topcoat. Bam.

Do you have any Cult Nails polishes? Tell me your favorites!
You can find Cult Nails at the following internets:

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  1. Replies
    1. thank you!!! im trying so hard lately to have more patience with my art and taping so its cleaner and crisper. it paid off here but who knows how long it will last! and it takes one rockin' lady to know one!

  2. Beautiful! The lines are so crisp and symmetrical. Love the colour combination too :)

    1. Thanks! I'nm super partial to brown and teal and brown and pink!

  3. I like this a lot, the striping is really effective! Not sure why but I've never tried this - I really must!

    1. Do! I'ts pretty easy as far as striping tape goes. Mine seems to be giving me a hassle all the time to stay down so I'm pretty surprised this turned out so well!

  4. I love it when someone comes up with a great new idea using a not-so-new tool. I guess what I am saying is that I love this mani and will absolutely steal the idea, the only question is when.

    1. LOL!
      Im sure its not that new of an idea...I don't think there are many of those left! =)

  5. I have got one Cult polish in my stash. I won it in a giveaway, but it's a nude, so I'm probably never going to wear it :D
    I love your mani, it's COOL!

  6. Wow! I am loving this! I wonder if I have that Pure Ice?


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