Friday, March 1, 2013

Lynnderella She Lived In A Swamp

Just when you thought it was safe....
I've jumped from a week of Catrice polishes to this....
A Month of Indies!
Well - it's more like 26 Days of Indies!
I partake in a monthly challenge so 5 days of this month will be devoted to that, but the rest will be devoted to Indies - a different one every day!
Luckily I had 26 untried Indies!

Today I am pairing up some swampy goodness for you!
China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Lynnderella She Lived In A Swamp.

I have wanted this Lynnderella polish since I found out who Lynn was, over a year ago. A friend had it and I passed when she decided to get rid of it, and kicked myself when it seemed like they might become hard to get and all that silliness surrounded the brand for awhile. But then I got lucky when Elizabeth at Nail Polish Is My Crack offered to swap it to me!

This is a clear based polish full of greeny gold glitters of all varieties, bars, squares, micros, hex's...all green and nothin' but green!

I paired her up with Deviantly Daring because it seemed to remind me of The Creature From the Black Lagoon poster, all those cool blues and greens. Subsequently I was doing a dupe comparison on it and Sally Hansens Scarab. Turns out I lost those pics, but the polishes ARE identical.
Here is a macro on the nail.

I seriously am so happy to own this polish now - it rounds my Lynnderella collection out to a solid 3 polishes now! Hahah...the only complaint I do have about this polish is a few of the bar glitters did curl on my nail, some I was able to push down into the top coat, some I had to remove, some caused no problems at all!
This is a gritty glitter, it took a coat of Gelous and 2 coats of Top Coat to smooth.
Lynnderella polishes are currently ONLY available through their store on ebay and I think her current retail price is $23 per bottle.

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