Mrs. White is 1000 Miles Away!

Say WHAT!?
Who the hell is Mrs. White, right?

We are back with the continuation of Indie Month!! Did you miss us!?

Mrs. White is actually a preeeeety awesome polish I bought last year made by Nail Pattern Boldness.
This is my only NPB polish and it's pretty swell.

I'm giving you a trio today:
Essence 1000 Miles Away
Sephora by OPI XOX Betsey
Nail Pattern Boldness Mrs. White

Mrs. White Macro - a gorgeous mixture of white with a spattering of rainbow colors! It's very diverse!

Yay! More tape manicures! This one was pretty easy - I started with a base coat of Essence 1000 Miles Away, once it was dry (adding a quick dry topcoat helps speed this up some), i took a skinny triangle shaped piece of tape and placed the point at the corner of the nail and ran it halfway across. Then I painted the bottom portion with XOX Betsey and the top portion with Mrs. White!

Mrs. White applied easily and this is one thickish coat over the Essence 1000 Miles Away basecoat. Then I finished it with a coat of Jordana Quick Dry topcoat.

For good measure here is one with ^matte topcoat^

I'm pretty stoked on this polish - you can check out Nail Pattern Boldness at the following:

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  1. This is absolutely stunning! Love the trio and it looks great with the matte topcoat as well!

  2. The colors in this are just to die for. I love them!

  3. This is awesome! I just love that Nail Pattern Boldness polish!

  4. This is so pretty!! I will have to try it too!!!

  5. Very cool Indie! Love the micro glitter!

  6. This is gorgeous! I love it matted!


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