New Hard Candy Polishes!

Told you I'd be back with more goodies!
I took a trip to Wal-Mart today, in hopes that they had revamped their nail displays and Hard Candy sections in anticipation of my visit. I was not disappointed.
The Hard Candy display was shiny and new and untouched.
There was a lot to choose from, but for people like us bloggers who probably own a lot of Indies, I've seen a lot of it already. But there were a few that stood out, and even a couple past that few I could probably find space for, but as I was in need of some other essentials, I held tightly to my purse strings and walked out with just 4 of them.
Lets see what I got:

From Left to Right:
Cocoa Smore
Hip Hip Hooray
Mermaid Magic

Some up closers.

Jubilee - a gorgeous green jelly base with white and black hexs black microglitter and orange bars. It reminds me alot of Whimsical's Wicked. But different, and I love colors like this that remind me of zombies.

Cocoa Smore - very much identical to the Nails Inc Sprinkles and subsequent W7 line of dupes, however I don't know if they launched a color like this, its sort of a tan color with black and white gitters. Reminded me  of smores or something and I was hungry, what can I say....

Hip Hip Hooray is a gorgeous blend of purples and blues and silvers and tan type glitters in a clear base. Pretty sure it's unique enough to my collection.

Mermaid Magic - you know I wasn't gonna walk away without a teal. This is a jammed up teal glitter with larger purple hex glitters. Swoony.

These are only available at Wal Mart as far as I know and they retail at $4 each.
The new bottles are .26 oz so in reality, they cost about the same as an OPI.

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  1. Okay, need swatches ASAP (especially of the bottom two glitter, that purple/blue/silver looks like an indie) and also THANK YOU for pointing out the price per oz thing - which drives me bananas! I think people are too excited about this "great" "affordable" "deal" (like people that wouldn't bother to buy an OPI because it's *gasp* so pricey), but it's literally the same pricing as mid-range brands!

  2. I finally found myself some of these! I'd buy the whole damn collection if I could. lol

  3. Hip Hip Hooray and Mermaid Magic are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see swatches!

  4. They're gorgeous, especially the Mermaid Magic!!

  5. Can't wait to see swatches. I am impressed that you only walked out with four! When I find them I hope to be able to do the same! :)

  6. Very lovely polishes. Waiting to get my hands on some of them. :-D


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