Sunday, March 17, 2013

Orion's Belt

Hey loves - Happy St. Patty's Day!
In honor of this infamous day of green I pulled out a green(ish) Indie for you!
Disclaimer - I had a nub accident here - sorry.

I'm showing Orion's Belt over Revlon Rainforest. Can we all just have an Indie pause to enjoy the holo color shift in Rainforest? Holy rainbows you guys!

Orion's Belt Macro - YUM. This gorgeous mix of navy blue/green base is littered with golden and golden holo glitters of hex and square variety. It's a pretty opaque polish so it doesn't necessarily *need* underpants, but why the heck not. Sometimes I prefer polishes like this  over a base so the glitters show through better/clearer.

Oh glory - this polish is a beaut. Shown at one coat over 1 coat of Rainforest, can you just see all of the glorious sparkle and shimmer?

Formula was easy to work with, I have looked up my etsy receipt for this polish and have had it since June of last year, it hasn't thickened or curled or had any issues, always a win in my book.

While I do not see this polish available in their shop, Maisie Shine has plenty of other great polishes available RIGHT NOW. And I do have one more to show you later this month!
In the meantime, check out Maisie Shine here:

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