Peeping Snakes

I was recently asked to do a review of this large stamping plate from Born Pretty.
By now I am sure you know all about this awesome online shop that sells everything from nail art supplies to jewelry.

I received this plate back in the fall and before I went off the reserve I thought I'd posted this review, but I sure couldn't find it anywhere so I'm re-reviewing it.

Let's check it out and we'll talk as we go!

This is the plate they sent me, minus its packaging and blue film which I took off before I shot this. This is ready to go.
It is plate CK-05 by KandNail. The link I previously had for this item is no longer active on the BPS site, so I don't know if it's since been discontinued.

This is a close up of one of the designs I am going to be using in todays review. A lovely snakeskin pattern.

And here is the other design I will be using today - some gun shot looking splatters. Both of these designs are ones I had seen on other plates and wanted pretty bad, so I'm glad to have this large plate with both!

Now before I continue to the mani shots - I want to let you know that these plates are best for SMALL nails. I tend to think I have smallish nail beds and these were still too small for me. The designs that are singular images (such as the gun shot splatters) are not of issue - but "full nail" designs (like the snakeskin pattern) will most likely NOT fit on your full nail.  So knowing this ahead of time, I opted to do a partial tape mani to cover up the areas the image missed on my nail.

So I started with a base of OPI DS Classic, stamped on my images with Konad Special Black and then when it was all dry I taped off diagonal areas and painted over them with Finger Paints Black Expressionism. Then I finished off with  coat of Color Club 0-60 topcoat.

I really like how its a sort of peekaboo snake.

The images on this plate, while small, all stamped wonderfully. I had no issue with any parts of the image not coming through.

I can't comment on the price of this plate since I can't find it on the site anymore, but please stop by Born Pretty and see all of the lovely items they have - not only are their prices REALLY good, but they also have FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE (yes, I have purchased from them several times and when contacted they were beyond accomodating to my needs)

Use code MG10L91 to receive 10% OFF your next order too!

*product featured was sent to me for my honest review*

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  1. Omg, love this so much! <3

  2. This is great! I like it with the tape mani, adds more to it!

  3. Beautiful!! Its always too bad when the full nail images are too small, but this is a great solution.


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