Monday, March 25, 2013

Rat-a-tat-tat late at night with my gat

Oh yeah - Dr. Dre intro for this awesome mani I'm reppin' today.
Earlier this month I showed you this polish, but I said I may re-visit it if I could, and I did.
Been awhile since I did a gradient as well, so why the hell not...let's see what's up.

Polishes In This Post:
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Pretty & Polished - Rat-A-Tat

Here are the characters in todays play - black and white yeah yeah, and then....Rat-A-Tat. The perfect polish.

Why do I call this the perfect polish? Well OBVIOUSLY because it is teal and black glitter. Duh.
So I did a gradient from black to white, which was fun and new to me. Then I added one coat of P&P Rat-A-Tat over the top! Formula - amazing. Glitter to base ratio - perfection.

This has throwback metallic teal glitter instead of the more common matte glitters you see these days. I quite love metallic glitters, especially when you matte them.

Look at those gorgeous tiny bar glitters! Wowza. 

So there you have it - this polish could have applied itself I swear. It was just so wonderful and it will be one of my go to glitter topcoats, I assure you.
Let's see where we can find more info about Pretty & Polished:

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