Sea Lore - Attina

Today I have for you a new to the blog brand - Sea Lore.
Last year I won a giveaway thru Midnight Manicures where I could pick 2 of my choice polishes from the Sea Lore shop - Attina was one of those choices and here she comes at ya!

Quick note - I nubbed ALL my nails last night, so yeah, get ready for the SHORTAYS!

Sea Lore Attina is being paired up with Essence Peach Punk, which is a pretty awesome (and no longer untried!) peach shimmer polish that dries to what they refer to as a "latex" finish, pretty much the same as an Illamasqua Rubber finish - very cool!

Attina in Macro mode - she is a stunning coral/peach translucent jelly with golden shimmer and flakies in different sizes/pieces, some of which appear to be translucent/iridescent

For this manicure I used 1 coat of Peach Punk under 2 coats of Attina.

I then applied some tape to the side and ran a thin stripe of Peach Punk down the nail sides.

Finished with 1 coat of Out the Door topcoat.

How gorgeous is that golden shimmer and flakiness? These are the kind of flakies I die for, the ones with no color shift and just general awesomeness.

The formula on Attina was impeccable, no problems with thickness or thin-ness or anything whatsoever.
It was smooth and cuddly and just wonderful.

Sea Lore can be purchased right HERE, as well as being found on Facebook.
Bottles retail for $10 for a full size 15ml bottle and $5.50 for a 7.5ml mini bottle.

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  1. Very pretty mani! I think this is perfect for spring :)

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  3. Pretty! And I love your nubs! :)


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