Saturday, March 23, 2013

Splattered in Nostalgia

It's getting down to the wire on Indie Month here.
In all honesty, I will be glad when it's over...I need a break!
Even though I'm already committed to two challenges for the first two weeks in not really a break in site, just a different type of challenge! The shorter ones are always better and easier on me and my left brain.

So today I have a splatter mani I did in all pink. In my head the idea of a completely monochrome splatter seemed really can decide I guess.

Polishes In This Post:
Sinful Colors - Cotton Candy
Nicole by OPI - Still Into Pink
Pure Ice - Pretty In Pink
Color Club - Yum Gum
China Glaze - Fuchsia Fanatic
Nostalgic Nail Lacquer - As If

Here is the roundup of polishes used for this mani. The Pure Ice polish is actually hiding behind the Nostalgic! Either way - lots of pink!

Nostalgic - As If in Macro. I think this might be my favorite macro ever. It turned out precisely how this polish looks, which is freaking awesome. It's one of my all time favorites. Black and white bars, and black, white and pink hex glitters in several sizes all in a clear base.

Lots of splattering going on here! After I splattered all over my hands AND a couple of my polish bottles, I applied 1 to 1.5 coats of As If. The base has a higher ratio than the glitter does, but it's not thick which works out very well. Nothing worse than a sparse glitter with a terribly thick base. Luckily, this is not that.

I don't generally like using a base that has any of the colors of the glitter top coat, but I like how some of the pink glitters still have visibility, but kind of in a surprising way.  Though in this mani, I think my favorite is the tiny white glitters.

As you can see, I matte coated this mani. I had glossy pics too but it just looked way cooler this way so I didn't even bother looking at the other set!

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer is a GREAT polish company...I own only a few of her creations but each of them rate very highly with me.
Here are a few places you can learn more about Nostalgic at:

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