The Gnarly Number Ones for March

I started this feature last month courtesy of some theft on my part from Emma and Kirsten.
I have tweeked it more to my style and thus I bring you:

March 2013

Number One Tried Polish - OPI What Wizardry Is This?

Number One Untried Polish - Revlon Urban

Number One Indie Polish(es) - This combo of Cult Nails Living Water and Sea Lore Adella took my breath away this month!

Number One Untried Indie Polish - I won Jessica's Lynnderella giveaway last week, so it's definitely One Nutty Fruitcake!

Number One Blogging Milestone - I didn't squeee this to the blogiverse (only to my bestie Deb) but I made it into the OPI Blogger Network this month and it was a true highlight.

Number One Viewed Blog Post - My unboxing of the March Julep Maven Box

Number One Manicure - Hands down my fave this month was my Star Wars mani for Digital Dozen's Geek Week.

Number One Product - Something I will be reviewing shortly - an awesome bottle of Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer I received in my Influenster Sugar & Spice Vox Box. It's amazing and so easy to use.

Number One New Technique/Tip - Cutting up dried polish into strips/shapes and using them as decals. As I did HERE and HERE and HERE

Number One Collection - OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sands - LOVED!!!

Number One New Thing in General - My new pink and grey Nikes! I got them at the end of February, and I've worn them twice. But I DO love them!

Number One TV Show - We are in love with Bates Motel right now. And sadly, tonight is the Season Finale of The Walking Dead! =(

Number One Video Game - Like most of the world, I too am obsessed with Candy Crush Saga!

What were your Number Ones this month!?

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  1. Ooh, love! I think I'm going to steal YOUR tweaked version and use it for mine, mwhahaha! I also love Candy Crush Saga regardless of how miserably bad I am at it :-/ You had a lot of amazing posts this month!! And CONGRATS on getting into the OPI Blogger Network <3

  2. Thank you for discover me this tv show!!!
    Love this collection of OPI :)

  3. loved this - you sooooooo deserve all your success xx

  4. Congrats on the OPI Network, you deserve it! Also, I may have to steal this post from you if you don't mind!


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