The Mother of all Flakies

You know it's true, I am a sucker for teal. I also don't mind a good you know it was a no brainer when the shade PSHIIIT came out from Picture Polish last year.
I was sad when I subsequently found out it would be very hard to acquire. But then....then it came to Llarowe and I snatched it up as fast as my fingers could type.
And then I let her sit for months.
Anyway - this is one of the collaboration shades that Picture Polish does with nail bloggers around the world, let's check it out!

Polishes In This Post:
Picture Polish - Pshiiit

Here is Pshiiit - flying solo!

Macro - this polish was created in collaboration with Camille of Pshiit (she runs a kickass nail blog AND a nail boutique, I highly recommend viewing her blog). The polish itself is a blue green shimmer jelly with blue/green color shifting flakies.

On the nail, the polish was wonderful to apply - here it's shown at 3 coats. Still slight nail line showing but moreso in pictures than it was in person.

This polish while seemingly simple is quite complex and turns many shades of blue and green with movement. It's one of those polishes that doesn't let you get anything done! 

And a matte version, because no flakie in the world should ever be shown any other way.

This is my one and only Picture Polish, and that's no good! I need MORE!
Have you tried this brand? What are your faves?
If you haven't, check their shop out, and click "network" to find a distributor in your neck of the woods!

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  1. I've become a Picture Polish fan recently, and this is so beautiful, so it's now on my wish list! :)


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