The OPI Oz Collection is HERE!

Today I am reviewing the full Oz Collection of polishes from OPI!

From Left to Right:
Don't Burst My Bubble*
Glints of Glinda*
I Theodora You*

From Left to Right:
Which is Witch?*
Lights of Emerald City*
When Monkeys Fly*

This collection also includes one new Liquid Sand shade - What Wizardry Is This?*
shown in the center.

First up - Don't Burst My Bubble*
Don't Burst My Bubble* is a nude sheer polish with a faint pink undertone.

Here I have shown Don't Burst My Bubble at 4 coats, plus a basecoat and 1 coat of Out the Door topcoat.
This is a polish not necessarily meant to be worn alone, but used in conjunction with a french manicure. With that said, 4 coats will still give you some visible nail line but provides good coverage and isn't thick. Formula was nice, standard OPI formula.

Next Up is Glints of Glinda*
Glints of Glinda* is a dirty neutral sheer polish. It's a yellow leaning nude that took 4 coats to reach this coverage.

I show Glints of Glinda* here with 4 coats plus base and topcoat. Again, as with the previous polish and the next polish, these shades are not meant to be worn alone but usually in conjunction with a french manicure.

Formula wise, this polish was wonderful. 4 coats plus top and base do not even leave this manicure seeming or feeling thick. I did not enjoy the color though - it just made me feel like my nails were stained and shiny. I would and probably will like to try this with What Wizardry is This in a french tip design at some point though!

Lastly from the Soft Shades portion of the collection is I Theodora You*
I Theodora You* is  a bubblegum baby pink sheer, but it covers better than the previous two, shown here at only 3 coats.

This is definitely my standout choice of the three Soft Shades in this collection. A nice, pastel pink that is sheer but buildable at 3-4 coats. Shown here with base and top coat.

Formula was lovely on this polish and really surprised me at how much I liked it, lots of potential with this one!

And for an extra treat, I did a gradient using these three shades.
I started with my base of Don't Burst My Bubble*, then I painted on a stripe of Glints of Glinda* and I Theodora You* directly to my nail, then I sponged on Glints of Glinda* between the colors to blend them.

Next up I have for you Which is Witch?*
Which is Witch?* is a clear glitter topcoat full of gorgeous holographic sparkles! Medium size hex glitters, small bars, small hex glitters and microglitters.

Formula on this polish was NICE. Glitter to base ratio was perfect, this is shown at one coat (over the gradient I showed you above) and it gave me the perfect amount of glitter coverage - using a standard polish application no less.

A macro on the nail to see the shapes and the blurry sparkles! Oooooh! Aaaaah!

Our next glitter in the collection to see is When Monkeys Fly*
A foreword before I show you this polish.
There have been outcries galore since this collection came out about this particular polish and its "taco" style glitter. Essentially, and for the most part, these bottles were released with curling glitters, reflective and literally curling as well. Yes, I did receive all of these polishes for my HONEST review, so honestly, I'm going to tell you that the glitters DO curl, and it's not good. bottle wasn't terribly bad, I tried it on a couple of nails the night I received this package, and it definitely was not as bad for me as for some others I have seen.
So...instead of showing you yet another swatch of a bad glitter, I'm showing you a swatch of how you can make the most of this glitter if you aren't happy with it, by just not having those large curly tacos on your nail at all!
(PS - OPI has released a statement on their Facebook page about how to go about any issues you might have with YOUR bottle of When Monkeys Fly)
Let's see what is possible without the larger chunky glitters:

I've shown When Monkeys Fly* here over Glints of Glinda*
It is very easy to achieve this look by simply brushing off the larger glitters on your brush against the bottle neck. They are large and the base is very fluid, I had no problems using this method and never even got one on my nail.

See? That wasn't so bad, right? You can always make lemonade out of lemons..and this really is a gorgeous glitter. Full of gold holographic multiple sized glitters in a clear base - this was just one coat.

Now I know you wanted to see how you could really make this polish shine - add a matte top coat! 
How gorgeous!

Ok - So here is where I will be dropping in some pics of my previous review of What Wizardry Is This?*

What Wizardry Is This?* is my favorite polish of this collection, hands down! It is a new shade in the Liquid Sand line of textured polishes from OPI and it is an undercover stunner!

It literally looks like sand or sandpaper, but it's not very rough to the touch and its actually amazingly simple to remove and touch up! This is 2 coats and nothing else.

And here I've shown you what is possible when you add a topcoat to this! WOWZA!

Lastly - we have the final glitter in this collection - Lights of Emerald City*
I've shown Lights of Emerald City* over What Wizardry Is This?* at one coat.

This glitter top coat in a clear base OOZES awesome. Not only does it have the current rage - SQUARE GLITTER! But it also has them in different types - there is smaller iridescent flakey/mylar type squares and then larger matte white squares!

Lights of Emerald City* glitter macro!
Here is Lights of Emerald City* with a matte topcoat. Matte topcoat is awesome for suspending glitters in time. You can really see what is going on here now, can't you?

This glitter flashes so many different colors depending on your surroundings as well as your base color. Wow! My only complaint about this polish was the base was thick and runny at the same time, the glitter was hard to get a decent amount on the brush withouth having a ton a thick base accompanying it, so my 2 coats were very thick on the nail. It did manage to self-level fairly decent though!

Hope you all enjoyed this review on the Oz Collection by OPI!
OPI products are now being sold online at Ulta! As well as in Ulta stores and Beauty Salons worldwide!

**all items in this post were sent to me by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest review**

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  1. Awesome post! You Monkey glitter (hee hee) isn't really as bad as ones I've seen! I'm so happy to have What Wizardry Is This, stunning! And Lights of Emerald City reminds me of when men cut themselves when shaving and put a bit of toilet paper on it to stop the bleeding! Haha! And I love square glitter but this one made me laugh a bit. Holy cow did I ramble! Enjoy! :)

    1. hahaha i like the men shaving reference, i never once though of square white glitters that way, and now i will never be able to think of them any other way! ;)

  2. Ahhh :( to be honest, those three sheer ones really don't float my boat. I guess you're right, they're meant for French manicures... But I'm not convinced. The Glints of Glinda one is particularly awful :| I do appreciate your swatches and honest review though!

    1. Im not a sheer polish lady in the least either - I think the soft shades have potention as a base for thing like french manis or peekaboo cutout nails, but outside of those option, i don't know what i'd ever use them for. and yeah, glints of glinda is just not a polish i see being good looking on anyones nails as is.

  3. Glints of Glinda is my favorite from the collection!


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