What Colony is this?!

Some word play to ponder before you scroll down, can you figure out todays pairing? I have two friggin' ridiculous polishes to show you today.
I'll be short on words, they aren't really necessary for this beauty I'm about to lay on you!

So let's start with the base of this manicure....

OPI - What Wizardry Is This? The newest apparition in the Liquid Sand Family. This is not the first liquid sand I have purchased, but it IS the first one I have worn and I'm sold!

This polish, while brown based, has a ton of gold and copper dimension.

Here is WWIT in two coats, no top coat.

How great is that texture? Wow.

This polish just oozes interest. At every turn of your finger you can see something different, truly a character.

Can you EVEN stand how awesome this is with top coat? Shown here with a coat of Gelous followed by a coat of Julep Quick Dry topcoat.

I die. This polish reminds me of goldstone, or tigers eye. It is insane and it is everything I could ever desire in a brown polish. And then some.

So now that the base is out of the way - let's see what we've topped her with.

Darling Diva - 13th Colony! This is a polish I won in a giveaway last year, I forget where (sorry!) - but isn't she a stunner?!

Oooooh lord. A gorgeous mix of blues, copper, white, green and holo glitters in many sizes in a clear base.

I thought the pops of copper would bounce off of WWIT nicely, and I can't say I was wrong! They add the perfect touch!

My favorite thing about 13th Colony is by the far the large white hex glitters in it, it just gives it something extra that puts it in another world.

This is 1 coat of 13th Colony over WWIT and one coat of topcoat.

Here is a macro of 13th Colony over WWIT - swoon!

Darling Diva polishes can be found on Facebook - as well as their shop on Etsy.
OPI can be found at professional salons and the like, I'm sure I don't have to tell you where!

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  1. Wow! I need that OPI and that Darling Diva has been on my wishlist for a while now!

  2. I might have to get that OPI just to wear it topcoated! Gorgeous combo!

  3. Great combination! I love all the Liquid Sands I have so far and I definitely need to pick this one up :)

  4. wow look at that color and texture! gorgeous! really nice layering too

  5. WWIT is a beautiful polish. I agree. Looks amazing on you. And lovely glitter you paired it with


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