CrowsToes - Milquetoast

Hey you guys!
Happy Friday!
I am gearing up for a rip roarin' weekend of video games and polish swatching...speaking of which, I have a WICKED swatch for you today!
I was recently sent the entire "Spring THIS" collection from Lauri of CrowsToes and ooooh lala you guys.
They are each so awesome I have to show them in their own posts, so expect to see alot of them in the coming week(s)!

So let's get the show on the road:

CrowsToes - Milquetoast

Milquetoast is an American English dysphemism for a weak, timid, or bland person.
Here we have the macro of Milquetoast.  Consisting of a creamy milky white base and chock full of glitters in copper and gold and possibly some holo? Or maybe the tiny gold ones are holo...I definitely saw some blue and greens coming off those microglitters!

Bottle of Milquetoast. There's nothing I can appreciate more than a finely packaged product. Lauri had her packaging down from the moment she started making polishes, and I for one can totally appreciate that attention to detail. And I appreciate the darkness of it, too!

Milquetoast - 2 coats plus NYC Grand Central Topcoat (omg I love this topcoat!)

For the accent nail I did some bronze, gold and iridescent yellow hex glitters to resemble a fish scale. I actually saw Kelly of Devilish Designs do this yesterday and I pretty much jumped up as soon as I saw her design and did my own. Hers is better though.

How much am I loving the fact that this polish only took TWO COATS? There is no milked up glitter, hiding glitter or any other bad things that can happen to a milky based glitter like this. PERFECT formula and just the right viscosity, it was nice and thin but not so thin to be patchy or watery. 

Close up glitter delights! One coat of NYC Grand Central smoothed this nicely. Two probably would have been ideal for my taste, you may be different.

And here is a matte version of Milquetoast with MASH Nails Matte topcoat!

Overall, wow! I am beyond pleased with how well this polish performed, applied, looked and sparkled! I am obsessed with bronze and copper glitters so this polish really speaks to me.
If it speaks to YOU - here is where you can get your very own:

Also - stay up to date with new collections by following the CrowsToes BLOG!

**products in this post were sent to me by the Company or their PR in exchange for my honest review**

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  1. Wow, that's so pretty.

  2. This is so pretty! I've been lemming this for a while and your lovely swatches are not helping, lol!

  3. hehe. i can't help you there, it is a must have in my book!!!

  4. Isn't it? It's just one of those few polishes that is exactly what you see in the bottle and more!

  5. really pretty, love all these colours together

  6. that glitter accent nail is insane! love it

  7. Kirsten (Geeky Owl)April 26, 2013 at 5:19 PM

    Wowza! Gorgeous!

  8. lol, I'm sure you're right. There are several in this collection calling to me!


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