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Floral Grunge - The Tutorial!

Hey loves!
I got the tutorial for this mani done sooner than expected, I know some of you were super excited for it, so here it is!!!
And it's LOADED with pics!

I've kept them small to save load time, but you can click any pic to enlarge it.

Items you will need for this mani:
White Polish
Black Polish
Bright Pink or any neon or contrasting color polish (green, red, orange, etc...)
Base Coat
Matte Topcoat
Wax Paper/Freezer Bag/Sheet Protector/Heavy Plastic
Striping Brush or Striper Polish
Makeup Sponge

Optional Items:
Stamping Plate with Rose design
Stamping Accessories
Striping Tape

Now for MY tutorial, I have used all of the above. The reason I list a few items as optional is because you COULD freehand the rose and you COULD make stripes with white polish instead of using tape. But tape in this mani is very easy to use, it doesn't have to be precise and it doesn't have to stick completely down!

Wax Paper. Anything as listed above will work here. It's so that your polish can easily peel off of the surface. So this, or plastic freezer bags or sheet protectors...something like parchment/wax paper or heavy plastic essentially.

Base coat. I use CND Stickey, but any base will do. Or topcoat if you don't have basecoat (but you should always have basecoat!)

Apply a rather thickish layer of the clear polish to your wax paper. Allow to dry (basically, about 30 minutes you should be good on a thick layer)

Here are some of the items I've used for this mani.

And here are some more!

While your clear polish on wax paper is drying, paint your nails with 2 coats of white polish. Here I'm using OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.

After you have painted your nails and your clear polish on wax paper is dry, you can begin the next step - here I have layed out everything to get started doing my stamping.

I've got my rose on my stamper, using Konad Special Black polish.

Stamp on top of your clear polish. I did single roses for the fingers and I did a double rose for the thumbs by just stamping the roses closer together. You could always do single roses and apply two to the thumb, or whatever you feel like!
THIS IS STAMP RA-116 from Red Angel

Next I took my striper brush and hot pink polish - here it's China Glaze Beauty Within

And I filled in all of the areas that were clear on the polish/stamp decal.

Once this has dried you are guaranteed that your white polish should be sufficiently dry as well.
Peel the clear polish/rose decal from your wax paper

Cut to size

Get your striping tape pieces ready to go! If you opt to paint your stripes on, skip this step.

Sponge and decal, ready to rock.

Place the decal lightly on your nail to get an idea of where its going and the space left open around it.

Apply your tape accordingly so that they lead up to where the image will be. Like I mentioned before, they don't have to be exact or perfect and they don't have to stick entirely down.

Doublecheck your decal and make sure everything is working for you.

Paint black polish on your sponge and lightly sponge excess off. You want a LIGHT coating that you can go back over, not a big black blob.

Begin your sponging, a little at a time and be sure and reapply polish to the sponge regularly or your sponge will start to come off on your nail.

I like to paint polish on the very edge of the sponge and dig in the corners and get it super black there, so it fades out to lighter/grittier black as it comes in toward the middle of the nail.

When you are happy with your sponging, remove your tapes! If you didn't use tape, you would have sponged directly on the nail in the same shape, but then here you would go in with a striping brush and white polish and draw in your lines/stripes

It's coming together now, isn't it!?
Next, in the circled area, apply a quick dry topcoat

Your nail (aside from the topcoat) is basically dry at this point (sponging dries FAST!) so place your decal on and press it down good. You may or may not have pieces sticking off the nail - no worries Just make sure its down and there aren't any parts on the nail sticking up.

Get some nippers or nail clippers/scissors

Cut off any excess of the decal. Any teeny tiny pieces can be folded under if need be.

Get your matte topcoat ready! This is my favorite right now!!

Apply matte topcoat to entire nail! As you can see, any lines from the decal edges are now invisible from the topcoat!

With a cleanup brush and acetone, now it's time for cleanup!!

Clean clean!! Get that polish off those cuticles!

And we are DONE!

So...while this may seem like a totally long and painful process, here is the deal.
It's not!
It's a mani you can do while you are doing other things.
It's like prepping one meal for another night while you make tonights dinner!
You can do it all at once, or you can prep the decals and use them later!
They will dry out after about a week if you don't put them in a piece of folded up paper or something, though!

I hope you enjoyed!
And if you decide to take on the challenge - I would LOVE to see what you do!

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