Floral Week - Dainty Pink Flowers

Hey guys and gals!
Today closes out Floral Week. I've had some huge successes and some (in my eyes) flops...overall I am pleased with the week, I don't do girly girl flowers and such all that often, which was one of the reasons I took this challenge so head on to start with!

Today I have a little decal mani to show you. Some time ago I got these little decals and never had a chance to use them. Bad for me, since apparently they dried out. When I went to use them they cracked like crazy and I was left with bits and pieces to try and figure out like a puzzle.

I was able to work something out, though I didn't love it.

Polishes In This Post:
China Glaze - Beauty Within

(before they cracked on me)

I used a base of China Glaze Beauty Within and then applied bits and pieces of the decals as best I could. I also used a dotting tool to fill in some space with black and white dots.

Check out my girls doing their thang with florals this week!

Debbie at The Crumpet
Emma at Manicurity
Kerrie at Pish Posh & Polish
Ashley at Smashley Sparkles

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