Gnarly Number Ones for April

April 2013

Number One Tried Polish - This may be a weird "polish" choice - but hands down my most favorite polish this month was MASH Nails Matte topcoat. It simply has THE best finish of any of the matte's I have used to date.

Number One Untried Polish - Right now I think the polish I'm most excited to try next is Sinful Colors Pistache. I finally found it at Walgreens this past weekend and am definitely going to try and work it into the Untried Polish Challenge this coming month.

Number One Indie Polish(es) - CrowsToes Milquetoast. It was one of those polishes that you love in photos and only love more once you get it on your own little paws.

Number One Untried Indie Polish - I have a buncha buncha Indie polishes on my backburner right now it is really hard to pick just one I'm most excited about. I'll say LynBDesigns Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

Number One Blogging Milestone - My biggest milestones this month were the things that have to do with my current GIVEAWAY! 500 posts on this blog and a lot of follower milestones have made me feel very humbled this month. I've had a few emails this month as well from smaller bloggers complimenting me and it feels very surreal to be in a place like that - I can't begin to acknowledge how grateful I am to have made this blog what it is.

Number One Viewed Blog Post - The Floral Grunge Tutorial has soared off the charts in views this month. I have also had right around 10 different people try it out and send me photos! I feel very blessed that so many of you found inspiration in it!

Number One Manicure - It's harder this month, I liked about 4 of my mani's so much this month! But I think I will say my Mad Men Mani was my fave - it got very little love but I adored it!

Number One Product - I finally got a pair of cotton gloves to sleep in! They rule!

Number One New Technique/Tip - The DIY Decal thing is still going strong with me, there is no limit to what you can do with it and I've really loved trying new things out, so this one stays the same as last month!

Number One Collection - I'm really excited to try the new SinfulShine line from Sinful Colors. Stalking every Walgreens in town has not helped cushion this blow.

Number One New Thing in General - My new workspace. It has made my life so much easier! Except for all of the times I have to tell everyone "Dont you dare put your drink there!"

Number One TV Show - Hannibal! It is sooo awesome...I just love the way the story is being told here.

Number One Video Game - I wish I could say I'm still going strong on Candy Crush Saga - but I've been stuck at level 208 for 3 weeks or more now and I hate this game!!!! I play it like once every other day or less now because I can't pass the level and it's highly irritating. Plus on the last update something is wonky and it crashes on me all the time now. So in lieu of that - we are enjoying an oldie - Lego 2 Batman!

What were your Number Ones this month!?

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  1. Oh, yeah... I'm stuck at level 121. 65 and 35 were also monsters.

  2. I love my cotton gloves too, haha! Feels pretty dorky when going to sleep, but it makes such a difference :)

  3. i am obsessed with all things hannibal!!! so good!

  4. What a great post! I'm one of the 'beginning bloggers' and I'm learning an awful lot from reading blogs like yours ~ I really like the idea of rounding up favourites and milestones at the end of each month; I might start doing this too :)

  5. awwww. your blog is rad, im glad i found it! you should totally do the round up, its so much fun!

  6. i know, right? my boyfriend hates it because i cant tickle his head. for me its like the perfect excuse!

  7. LittleMonsterx14May 1, 2013 at 3:12 PM

    i think ive seen silence of the lambs 100 times, i know every word haha!

  8. Kirsten (Geeky Owl)May 1, 2013 at 5:01 PM

    Fabulous post!

  9. its a great one, in all honesty, every movie in the franchise is great in its own way - this show though is on a whole other level of awesome!

  10. thank you thank you - couldnt have done it without you!!!

  11. LittleMonsterx14May 1, 2013 at 6:10 PM

    its awesome having another hannibal obsessor :-P hannibal rising is seriously amazing, and i love the end of red dragon! i'm always cathing myself comparing red dragon and hannibal the TV show

  12. omg i compare them all the time too!!! the guy playing Will does a million times better of a job than Edward Norton ever did. I feel bad saying that as I love Ed Norton, but Hugh Dancy is just so weird and compelling! And another OMG because Hannibal Rising is freaking amazing. The kid in that movie is a super creepoid.

  13. LittleMonsterx14May 1, 2013 at 6:33 PM

    YES! i agree! and i love that in red dragon they reference the Hobb's story! Haha i was soooo obsessed with that kid that played hannibal that my friends made a big poster of his face for me in college lol

  14. HA! That kid is creepy - and I'm ALL for creepy, but having his face near me poster size would freak the shit out of me every damn day!

  15. TARDIS came in the mail today... but I just painted my nails, augh. Must be patient...

  16. ooooh! we should wear them the same day!!!

  17. YOU are my number 1 xx smoooooch


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