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I have a couple more products to review today - this time from KKCenterHK - the awesome superstore that carries a TON of stuff!

Let's get right to it and I'll walk you through it!

Items In This Post:
OPI Liquid Sand - Honey Ryder
OPI Liquid Sand - Solitaire
KKCenterHK - BLUESEA Bow Tie Nail Art Decorations
KKCenterHK - N. Nail 2.5mm Circle Glitter in Black

Orly - Luxe
Candy Lacquer - Cold Hearted

Here are the polishes I've used in todays manicure.

The BLUESEA Bow Tie Decorations come 2 to a pack and retail for $4 (at time of publishing, this item is currently out of stock on the website but plenty of other cute bows are still available by clicking HERE).

The N. Nail 2.5mm Black Circle glitters come in a HUGE jar - like a lifetimes supply huge. It says 10g, its a ton. It's available HERE and retails for $8.00 - it comes in a ton of other colors also.

Here is a macro of the glitter in the jar. The glitters are kind of stuck together in some places, like they've been cut but not separated - so be sure if you purchase this product to keep that in mind before you get down to business with it - you don't want to grab a big chunk of glitter when you only mean to grab one!

And now we come to the nails! I started this mani with 2 coats of Orly Luxe on all nails except my ring/accent. For my accent I started with 1 coat of Solitaire Liquid Sand by OPI.

Then on my regular fingers I applied a few of the circle glitters haphazardly, followed them with a coat of Candy Lacquer's Cold Hearted white glitter polish and then added a couple more circle glitters. I wanted to give the appearance of the black glitters being a part of the polish.

For my accent - when Solitaire dried I did a gradient using her and Honey Ryder Liquid Sand by OPI to get a cool white to gold texture gradient!

Then I finished the accent nail up by adding the cute bowtie decoration!

I thoroughly loved this manicure and these products! I will never use that entire jar of glitter and the bow ties are reusable as long as I don't lose them when I wear them!

You can get 10% OFF any purchase at KKCenterHK by using my code:

LASTLY - Tell me in the comments - do you prefer this smaller size of photos or my standard bigger ones? They are always clickable to make fullsize/larger, but I wanted to know your thoughts with the top navigation header being stationary now if this made it easier to see the picture in its entirety if I made them smaller....?

**some products in this post were given to me for free in exchange for my honest review**

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  1. Oooh! Super pretty! Love it! Not sure I could stand to have to bow on for too long though. :) Honestly, I really don't mind either photo size. I love the clarity and detail in your large ones (since I rarely click on photos) but your smaller ones are easier to see on my computer. Sorry, not much help here! :)

  2. Love the bows! This mani would be fabulous for NYE. :)

  3. I love the circular studs - they're so cool!
    And I don't mind the size of the photos as long as I can see them. As always, if I want it bigger, I'll just click on it :)

  4. i love everything about this! i love the textured gradient look, and the circle glitters too! plus that bow is adorable!

  5. isn't it? i want so many more now! they have a ton of adorable prints - leopard, plaids, just so many!!! glad you enjoyed it!!

  6. Dude, this is freaking awesome! Seriously! I need that round glitter! So cool....


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