Influenster - Vox Box Sugar & Spice Review

My apologies for not posting much this weekend, the pollen is crazy here in Georgia and it's playing games with my head, big time!
Today I am taking a break from the polish fumes to show you a box I received from Influenster last month.
I've taken a good few weeks or more to properly review each of these products and give you my opinions on all of them, so let's dig in to this heffer.

Items In This Post:
Influenster Vox Box - Sugar & Spice Edition

Here is the box fresh out of the mailbox...its a whopper and I'm super excited to rip it open!

Here is the Sugar & Spice box unwrapped. Woo - look at all this!

Officially unboxed now and I see that I can test everything here with ease!

Some literature on the Nectresse sweetener and the box itself, as well as 5 $2 off coupons for the Witch Hazel pads.

First up is the trio of Colgate Optic White products.
Colgate Optic White Mouthwash - Retail $2.99
The mouthwash was not something I tested, the only thing in fact, because I can't deal with the harsh flavor of mouthwashes. So I asked the boyfriend to do the honors, he is a mouthwash-a-holic. He said it had a strange taste but that aside from that, he liked it good enough but it probably wouldn't replace his normal listerine. 
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - Retail $2.99
The toothpaste did seem to add some whitening benefits to my teeth, but I have very sensitive teeth - so it did seem to hurt a little to use this product, and therefore would probably not be something we would buy in the future. 
Colgate Optic White Toothbrush - Retail $2.99
As for the toothbrush - well lets just say I already had this very one in my bathroom when the box came and I was already loving it. So now I have another when it's time to toss it!

belVita Breakfast Biscuits - Retail $3.69 for a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits
A snack type cracker/biscuit/bar is something I will indulge in from time to time but don't generally seek out. I also find that most of the time when I do, I am not overly thrilled with them. Imagine my surprise to open up this package and be SOOOO in love with the taste that within a week I had gone out and bought 3 entire boxes of these. They are that good. Even my boyfriend liked them when I forced it down his face. Those three boxes are already gone and I'm about to go buy more of them this week. They have a way of filling you up with minimal effort, and I can't even eat an entire packet of 4 biscuits in one sitting, so they last all day if I eat 2 in the morning and then 2 for a snack! Thumbs up on this one!

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture - Retail $7.99
Love. This is a continuous spray lotion that is quick drying and has a great smell. I have been using it on my hands daily and I am loving it!

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes - Retail $5.99 for a 20-count box
I have been a big advocate of witch hazel and all of its benefits for many years. Being tattooed and being around tattoo artists, I have learned that it is also great for healing tattoos. So when I got this box I immediately took 10 of these packets and kept them and gave my boyfriend the other 10 to take to his tattoo shop and use on his clients. He loves them. I love them. They are so convenient and work about as well as a makeup remover wipe for taking off the day (since I rarely wear makeup anymore they are great for a quick swipe at the end of the night when you are too tired to wash your face). Some coupons were also included in this box for these towelettes, so I have been happy to hand those out to some friends and family as well.

Nectresse - Retail $3.99
I don't normally use sugar in my coffee, cream usually seems to suffice. But I decided to test these out in my coffee for the past month and I am liking them alot. On their own, they have a bit of a fruity taste, given the product is made from monk fruit, but they don't give off the fruity taste when they are mixed with whatever you put them in. As a 100% natural and zero calorie sweetener, I am impressed with these. 

The products in this post were all sent to me for free for testing purposes by Influenster.

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