Mad Men-icure

Ever since I saw the news that Mad Men was FINALLY coming back on tv, I knew I had to do a mani for it!
But I has a sad.
It looked SOOO awesome when it was finished and I waited SOOOO long for it to dry before I topcoated, and i still had smears.

Part of today's mani is a review on some products I received from MASH Nails - let's see what I got!

Items In This Post:
MASH Nails - Nail Design Pen - White
MASH Nails - Matte Polish Top Coat
Nicole by OPI - Challenge Red-Y

Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Sinful Colors - Black on Black
Sally Hansen - Nail Art Pen - Black

So for this mani - on the pinky I started with a black base and drew the cigarette on with the MASH Nails White Art Pen, along with the squiggly smoke, painted the red on with a striper brush and the NOPI Challenge Red-Y polish.
For the ring finger - white base and then I used a striper brush and painted the words on with the red and black polishes.
For the middle - my favorite! - Except the parts that smeared =( I started with a black base and I colored in all the white parts with the MASH Nails White Art Pen.
For the index I painted a white base coat, then I colored in with the NOPI Challenge Red-Y and then I added the outline and cleavage using the Sally Hansen Black Art Pen.

So as you can see...some iconic images from the show - A Cigarette, the title, Don's Brooks Brothers Suit and Joan in her tight red sweaters/dresses.

Enjoy a few fun gifs I found HERE:

The quintessential smoking ad man, Don Draper.

Oh Roger...Would it surprise you to know he is my favorite on the show? I don't know what it is about him, but I find him SO sexy!

And Joan - I love her.

I wish they'd get back together!

And then there's this weasel. Blech. Peter sucks!

So there you have it. The premier is Sunday night and I am psyched!
Boyfriend is a little less than thrilled. Oh well!
Will you be watching?
Who is your favorite?

As for my MASH review...the matte topcoat is AWESOME!
It dries somewhere between totally flat matte and glossy. It leans way more toward matte, but more satin. I love it to death. I can see getting a lot of use out of this product because it isn't totally flat out matte, but still very close!
The nail art pen was equally awesome. It has a nice fine felt point and flows out very opaque!

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  1. It's so cool! Your middle finger is my favourite too :)

  2. Now this is more like you. And it's awesome.

  3. I LOVE the mani! I just got into Mad Men last summer and am still one season behind, so I won't be watching the new episodes just yet but hopefully will catch up soon :)

    1. oooh hurry up! last season was sooo good~ cant wait for this one! long time coming!

  4. I love this!! I keep meaning to start watching that show... maybe this summer I will!

    1. its so good! of course, its an acquired taste. it can be very slow but somehow i still really enjoy it.

  5. WOW.. I love this mani!! :D

  6. Wow! This mani is absolutely amazing!so creative and original! I love Madmen too but am majorly behind you all

    1. they just added the last season to netflix if you have that! its how i got re-caught up before the new season started! glad you liked this!!


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