Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Neon Houndstooth

I've been LOVING the idea of coloring in my stamping designs like an adult coloring book lately.
It's awesome when you can take a standard black or white outline design and color it in to be truly awesome and one of a kind looking, freehand almost! Taking a spin from my Floral Grunge Tutorial, this is another similar technique with the decal part of the tutorial.

Items In This Post:
Konad Special Black Polish
Orly - Hot Shot
Orly - La Vida Loca
Orly - Jealous, Much?
Fingerpaints - Blue Raspberry Taffy
Color Club - The Lime Starts Here
Bundle Monster - BM322 Stamping Plate

How much do I love this mani!? A TON! I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but with challenges and laziness, well, I just now got around to doing it this morning!

The technique is quite simple, though it is time consuming. But now that I have a new workspace setup, I wasn't hunched over on the floor painting and then trying to get back up like a granny afterwards!

Essentially - you top coat a sheet of wax paper making the top coat as big as it takes for as many nails as you want to do this for. Also, an important point, make sure you don't do your designs right up to the edge of the top coat, leave some room to peel it off and have tears.
After the top coat dries, stamp your houndstooth, then fill in the clear places with random neon polishes. When dry, peel off the wax paper and cut to fit your nails.
For this mani, I did two coats of white polish, quick dry top coat and about 10 minutes later I was able to apply a clear polish and apply each decal, one nail at a time.
Cleanup with a brush and acetone and top coated!

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