Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Workspace!

Here's something a little different from the typical nail fodder you will find on my blog.
As you may remember, I spent last week/weekend planning out, purchasing, painting and assembling a newish workspace area for my nails.
What started out as a "hobby" last January now appears to be full fledged freakin' obsession, and it shows in my new nail space.

Let's start with what I was working with last August:
2 Melmers for my polish and a plastic drawer unit to hold my supplies.
Shoved into the corner and me, working on the floor with terrible light.

Now let's move ahead to February of this year:
I've now added a 3rd Melmer and painted the shells, drawers and handles. Still working on the floor, but my light has improved some with the purchase of a new Ott lite that doubles as my treatment polish caddy.

NOW - let's see what I'm working with RIGHT NOW:
a 5 foot wide workspace! A chair! Excessive lighting!

A new showcase cube! Actually, I went to Michael's to get a 4th Melmer to do this project, but BOTH of the Michaels near me were out of the 3 drawer unit, so I got this instead. Still has storage - great way to show off my indies and special sets!

Underneath I have a little place for my untried bin and some of my acrylic paints. The rest of my storage (box of small bottles of acrylic paints and my 2 stack storage of nail art supplies)are under my bed.

My tools, scissors, supplies I use all the time like polish remover, acetone, cotton balls, oil, lotion and a few items I need to review are all right at hand.

Side view - here you can see the lighting I installed underneath the shelf above my workspace. 3 new canister lights!

So my thoughts on this are almost all positive.
I did everything myself, painted, installed lights...all of it.
The things about this I don't like are mostly all easily fixed soon.
Because my chair didn't fit under the station, I had to stretch the Melmers further apart to accomodate the chair legs, which meant that the top piece of wood I use as the "table" is now shifted over and doesn't lay flush across the top. I am in the process of getting a smaller chair so I can fix this problem. I love that crappy Ikea chair, but man it is dirty.
I also don't like the fact that my boyfriend lost the on/off switch to my lights before I installed them, so now when I need to use them I have to plug them in/unplug them instead of just flipping a switch. Luckily, my Ott lite has an outlet in the back it, so I just plug it right there!
The best part is I have a chair to sit in, not break my back and great lighting for DOING my nails and for taking PICTURES of my nails!

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