Are you ready for something kind of....weird?

I start this out saying, are you ready for something kind of weird...and then I think...if you are here, chances are you are probably already expecting something weird. That's my thang.

I have a review of some water decals from Born Pretty Store for you today, and needless to say - they are a little diferent!

Let's see!

This Post Contains:
Born Pretty Store - Water Decals

Here are the water decals, there are 4 different sections and there are ALOT! They'll run you $3.99 for this entire sheet that will last you for many, many manicures! They are available RIGHT HERE (there is a coupon code at the end of this post, too, where you can save 10% OFF your order)

Some instructions - water decals are super easy to use - cut to size, remove the front plastic, drop in water for about 10 or so seconds, take out and put face down on your nail. While its good and wet it is easy to move around. I like to use a q-tip with a wet side and a dry side and wet the decal continuously until it's where i want, once it is, I use the dry end of the q-tip to dry it off so it stops moving.

Here are the images I am going to use today.

Ha! Hahahaha! Weird, right?  My nails aren't long enough to do the whole design per nail, so I split them up some - I totally love the single eyeball nail!

I used a matte top coat to showcase the images better without the obstruction of glossiness - these are so fun I can't wait to try another version that's a little 'girlier'.

The lips make me laugh. They look like a blowup doll.

So what do you think?
They're fun. Easy to use and the graphics are nice, they aren't distorted or pixellated - really nice quality.
Now here is the discount code I told you about:

**some items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest review**

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  1. LOLOL Yeah it's totally weird but also lot's of fun!!!

  2. I love it! Reminds me of magazine clippings.

  3. This is the second time I've seen these decals. As weird as they are I'm pretty sure I may need some... and would you look at all that denim :P

  4. RIGHT!?! You can make a canadian tuxedo out of all that denim!

  5. Scratch "may need some" and make that "I NEED all of this magic".

  6. Heh! This is a very fun look and so, so different! I love how well the decals show up, I might have to take you up on the discount offer ;)

  7. Stefanie (Fairly Chaming)May 8, 2013 at 5:23 PM

    Lol weird is right! But they do look like a lot of fun :)

  8. It has a vintage magazine look.

  9. Whoa these are actually really cool... I love how weird they are haha and they look great mattified! good call =)

  10. LittleMonsterx14May 9, 2013 at 6:14 AM

    this is so interesting, i love it!

  11. That looks absolutely lovely!

  12. they were, can't wait to try them some different ways!

  13. The decals are interesting but what I want to know is what have you applied as the base? The brown polish....?

  14. i used two, one was brown and one was a glitter. im pretty sure the glitter was from ulta (i can look if you need me to, just ask!) and the brown is actually a no name shade from a brand called Bonita, that i got locally at one of those little hole in the wall clothing stores. but its pretty close to manglaze santorum, only its not matte. but you coat, matte top coat, blah blah.


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