Friday, May 17, 2013

Digital Dozen Bling Week Day 5

Well guys, this is the end of another month of Digital Dozen.
I can't say I love todays mani much at all, but seeing as I have been swamped with swatching most of the week, it is staying. Most people stop reading around the weekend anyway so I'll just leave this pitiful thing here and walk away now.

Hope you enjoyed this week, there were some awesome mani's by the DD girls, as always!

I don't think I need to say much about why I don't like this mani. Ok, well, I love the base, which is Enkelini Shampayne, a gorgeous champagne/gold holo. Its what's going on afterwards I don't care for.

The top coat of gold leaf-like foil is American Apparel Meteor Shower. I am pretty sure I've used this before and liked it, but I guess something has happened within the bottle in the last year since I used it that made these shards of gold go wonky. Or flumpy. Whatevs.

See? I hate it. It was just this one finger but it really pissed me off. Having this polish was the reason I passed on so many gold leaf type top coats recently. Now it seems I need to find a better one!

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