Digital Dozen Bling Week - Love and Potions and Hearts (and BLING!)

It's Day 2 of Bling Week!
Of course, what we as the Digital Dozen have dubbed Bling Week, its not a national holiday or anything like that!
One of our members, Vic ( picked this theme - and if you are at all familiar with her blog you will know why! She is the crown princess of bling, thats for certain!
Hopefully I don't embrass her with some of what I've done this week - but I know I am pretty proud of todays installment!

Items In This Post:

MASH Nails Heart Rhinestones

Illamasqua - Jo'Mina
Lynnderella - Love Potion No. 99.9

^^Here are the polishes I am using today^^

This was, for all intents and purposes, a fast and easy manicure. One coat of Jo'Mina, one coat of Love Potion No. 99.9 and 2 coats of top coat.

The ring finger accent nail was done using purple and magenta heart rhinestones from a huge rainbow colored wheel of heart rhinestones I received in a package from MASH Nails to review. You can find them HERE and you get 1200 for 4.99 - WOW.

For the rhinestones I just did purple hearts going one way and then the pink ones upside down from that. And so on....

I love the way the rhinestones I had matched the glitters in LP99.9 so perfectly. Look at that gorgeous magenta microglitter in that polish! Oy!

**some products in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest review**

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