Digital Dozen does Bling Week - Tiger Bling!

Hey yo!

It's Day 4 of Bling Week and I'm dropping some blinged out tiger stripes on ya!

Let me tell you - it was quite a little learning curve trying to figure out how to do these foils.

But once I got it down, I think it worked out pretty well...let's have a lookie.

Items In This Post:
KKCenterHK - 3mm Round Silver Flat Studs
KKCenterHK - Wild Tiger Nail Transfer Foils (and Glue)

Color Club - Worth the Risque

Here is the foil and glue you get from KKCenterHK. You get 59 inches of this stuff. I mean, thats like a crazy amount of inches. It comes in a nice plastic screw top container, too! Just to let you know, the glue is NOT included with the foils, but they do also offer sets that contain glue. The foil alone is $7.69 or you can buy it with the glue for $12.00 (and see below for my coupon code to get a discount!) - Either option is available HERE.

Here is the foil out of the container, its rolled up nicely in there.

I'm also using THESE 3mm Silver Flat Round Studs from KKCenterHK as well.
These will run you $5.28 for a package of 50. I wish more came in here. The thing I love about these nail art superstores is they give you a ton of stuff, like a buffet. But on these studs I feel the quantity is kind of lackluster for the price. BUT, these also happen to be the wicked best studs I've used and I can tell you now, 50 or 500 in the pack, I WILL be purchasing more of these when I run out.

Here are the foils after I cut them to size. I used the back side of a plastic cuticle pusher tool thingie I have to rub them on. I found it worked better than anything else I could find.

And here we go! I taped off my nail half and half and I placed the glue on the exposed half then pulled the tape off. I did this one nail at a time, seeing as the glue dries slow, it takes about 3-5 minutes to dry. Once it goes clear it's dry enough to work with. Place the foil on the nail and rub it with your tool (LOL) - it will kind of peel off when it's on there all the way.

The pinky and ring finger were my test nails, so they don't look as good as the middle and pointer do. After all the foiling I went back and painted the bare halves of my nails with Color Club Worth the Risque.

Top coated and applied the studs, then another coat of top coat.

I loved this foil and I LOVED these studs.
Some of the best nail art products I've used of late!
So here is that coupon code I told you about if these or anything else at KKCenterHK interest you!

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