Digital Dozen does BLING!!

It's Monday and it's that time of the month I actually LIKE - Digital Dozen time!!

This months theme is BLING!
Even though I've yet to get through the weeks mani's yet, I imagine mine will be all over the place in weirdness!

But for today let's start with some basic bling - GLITTER!

Super Black Lacquers - Drunk Dial
Super Black Lacquers - Sweet Tooth

Look at these beauties!! Super Black has knocked my socks off with awesome polishes, formulas and packaging! How about these two gorgeous purple glitterbombs? They were begging to be paired up.

Super Black - Sweet Tooth. A yummy purple jelly with rainbow glitters. Coats nicely at 3 coats for full coverage and is just sheer enough to keep all of those glitters shining through each luscious purple coat.

Super Black - Drunk Dial. This one has made many waves around the nail world and was the first one I saw that put Super Black on my radar. A gorgeous magenta crelly formula with glitters in orange, red and yellow. Its like a fire on a deserted island at sunset. 3 coats here for optimal perfection.

See how wonderful these look together?!

Sweet Tooth Macro

Drunk Dial Macro

MATTE! WHOA!!! Stunners on phazzzzzze!

You can find Super Black Lacquers HERE - run, don't walk! They are amazing!!!
I still have two more to show you, hopefully later this week!

**some items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest opinion**

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