Gnarly Number Ones for May

Hello all you fabulous people! Happy Friday!
It is time for my monthly round-up of awesomes, so let's see what they are!

Gnarly Number Ones for May 2013

Favorite Tried Polish - This was a tough one...which means the rest of this list is gonna be a nightmare to go through! I wore so many awesome polishes this month! BUT - I will go on record as saying, Barry M Greenberry was my favorite for May. Shown here under Lynnderella BirdBrain Blue.

Favorite Untried Polish - hmmmm. All of them? I have acquired ALOT this month. Possibly my LA Girls 3D in Teal Dimension. I was really hoping to get it into the Untried Polish Challenge but it has not happened. Poor thing. Here is a photo of her courtesy of Cosmetics Aficionado.

Favorite Indie - No!!!!! In a month where I swatched a bunch of new collections and THREE Lynnderellas, this question is the worst! I loved them all and I seriously don't want to pick just one. But I will....Glitter Daze Browny Bear. Sorry all other indies, I lubs you all though, I promise!!!

Favorite Untried Indie - I have at least 30 Indie polishes sitting on top of my desk screaming at me daily. How do I pick the next fave? Well...considering THIS polish has a twin sitting on my desk, I guess she wins - Ninja Polish 100% Colombian. Photo courtesy of Pointless Cafe.

Biggest Milestone - There were quite a few awesomes for me this month. I hit fantastic numbers on here, facebook and instagram. I also got a heap of new indie labels to work with and review for. Just last night I even had Shop Ecclectico ask to use my photos for some product listings! Big deals you guys!! I love everyone!

Most Viewed Post - I never count the giveaway posts - so my most viewed nail related post was the OPI Couture De Minnie swatch and review post.

Favorite Manicure - I'm beginning to think my most favorite manicures are always the ones I work so hard on and seem to get so little fanfare, because yet again this month, I have chosen one that barely got noticed but I thought it was so amazing when I did it - The Tokidoki Grafitti Mani!

Favorite Product - I've been having a renewed love affair with Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat. Photo courtesy of Butter London.

Favorite New Technique or Tip - I've been toying with this new thing where you put glue around your nail area to save on cleanup when doing things like water marbles, gradients, watercolors...I did it once with 50/50 results, but I am interested in trying it again to see if I can get a better outcome. It would be worth the dry time if it cut down on cleanup, I hate that shit.

Favorite Collection - Well, hands down it was the Chirality Cereal Killers Part 2.

Favorite New Thing In General - This awesome AD shirt I got at Target a couple weeks ago. Photo courtesy of Target.

Favorite TV - SO MUCH! Well no, not really. New Arrested Development OBVIOUSLY. Stayed up til 3 am Sunday morning to watch it. Finished the whole season in one day. Still loving Hannibal, too. Photo courtesy of E Online.

Favorite Video Game - I've been obsessed with 2 games this month:


What were your favorite things this month!?

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  1. 1 tokidoki nails

  2. I think your tokidoki nails were awesome. They turned out super well! Sometimes the same thing happens to me, though, where I put all this effort into something that I love and everybody else is meh about.

    And congratulations on all your milestones this month! That is CRAZY!! Excellent work!

  3. i know right? i mean sometimes i get the results i expected, but most of the time people like the things i like the LEAST, its WEIRD! and Thanks!!

  4. I don't get people, the Tokidoki nails were epic!

    And again, I really enjoy these posts :)


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