Sunday, May 26, 2013

I need MORE input? I am so high maintenance!

Help you guys!

So as some of you who follow closely may know, recently I switched up the commenting system here to the DISQUS platform.
I really liked the notification system they have in place and I feel that in the time I have been using it here that it has really been beneficial in communicating more with you guys on posts.
My question to you is - 

Does it work well for you, or no?
Do you ever have problems commenting?
Which system did you prefer/worked better for you?
Do you like or dislike the increased communication we can/do have?
Do you ever check the notifications that I have replied?

The reason I ask is because even though I have loved everything so far with DISQUS, last night I was logged out of it and in trying to get back in I somehow managed to accumulate 3 accounts, none of which were attached to this blog. In order to get this blog re-attached to any one of those accounts, I have had to re-import all of my comments, which means they are all gone AGAIN and I have had to start over. I am super frustrated but am willing to forego the frustration in hopes that you guys like this system and that it doesn't happen to me again! So tell me your thoughts!

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