Multi-Blogger Giveaway

Happy Monday!!
I have something special to share with you today! Ariel from Lacquer: The Best Medicine, has put together a really awesome Multi-Blogger May Giveaway for all of our awesome readers, new and old!

<-----That is my prize over there to give away - I made a custom set of my Tattoo Art Nails and I'm also giving away an Essence Stamping Plate, Stamper and Scraper Set and a new bottle of Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment! Check out below to see the rest of the prizes and to enter.

And that's it! So enter now! Ends May 27th!

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  1. Is it international or US only? Some of those prizes look amazing and I don't want to get all excited and enter if I can't win any!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Its both I believe. I think its whether the blogger will ship Int'l or not. She will match up Int'l winners with Int'l shippers. (I am shipping mine Int'l for example)

  3. Marvellous, I'll get entering then, thanks!

  4. RubyWhiteTips representing! WHoop WHoop!


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