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Nicole by OPI Gumdrops Collection Swatches

How about some sugar-coated nails!?
“These shades are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Co-Founder & Artistic Director.  “By combining groundbreaking texture technology with some of the hottest trends including matte and shimmer finishes, Nicole by OPI has created a new line of lacquers for cutting-edge manicures.  Worn without top coat, Gumdrops lacquers dry to a textured matte finish to give nails a “sugar” coated appearance.
Nicole by OPI - A-Nise Treat
Nicole by OPI - Blue-Berry Sweet on You
Nicole by OPI - My Cherry Amour
Nicole by OPI - Candy is Dandy
Nicole by OPI - Cinna-Man of My Dreams
Nicole by OPI - I Lilac Gumdrops

Let's see 'em, shall we?

My silly attempt to get candy crazy!!! Yes, I may have partook in eating a few of these candies after I took this photo! But how scrumptious do these look!?
(disclaimer: do not eat polish!)

Formula was the same on all of these so instead of getting redundant, every polish took 2 coats and had  a fantastic formula. Dry time was good, full texture in under 10 minutes for all shades.

A-Nise Treat
This was one I was expecting to fall head over heels with harder than anything else in this collection.
It didn't live up to those expectations but it is still gorgeous and I do really like it. I think I was expecting less silver in the mix, but that's also what makes it as cool as it is. Like a monochromatic galaxy. And it looks great with a matte top coat (see last photo of it)

A-Nise Treat (2 coats)

A-Nise Treat (2 coats)

A-Nise Treat (with top coat)

A-Nise Treat (with matte top coat)

Blue-Berry Sweet On You
Yep. This is one of my faves of the bunch. I thought, oh great, ANOTHER blue texture...but I was so wrong. This shade pulls violet and is much darker than ANY of the swatches I've seen other bloggers post. I think it falls between medium and dark denim blue and gets darker with every coat, though 2 produced the perfect shade in my book. This looks fantastic both alone and with top coat!!

Blue-Berry Sweet On You (2 coats)

Blue-Berry Sweet On You (2 coats)

Blue-Berry Sweet On You (with top coat)

Candy Is Dandy
For a pink lover such as myself, I thought I would be down the middle on this one. And I was. It's cute, and it's dainty and feminine but it's just kinda boring. It has larger glitters mixed in which is something I don't normally care for in texture polishes, I like my glitters uniform in polishes like these. But it does have some sporadic holo glitters in here too which bump it's points up some.

Candy Is Dandy (2 coats)

Candy Is Dandy (2 coats)

Candy Is Dandy (with top coat)

Cinna-Man of My Dreams
Ok...this was one I thought I'd love. Is there a word that is better than love?! If so, please tell me in the comments so I can edit this post. This polish sent me to the freakin' moon. Not only is the color wicked cool, but it's got so much depth in the glitters that it actually appears to change colors form burgundy to brown to copper depending on the light! You will see below, I added some wonderful shots of the crazy glitters in this. Yes, THIS is the winner of the collection in my eyes.

Cinna-Man of My Dreams (2 coats)

Cinna-Man of My Dreams (2 coats)
Hi - do you see? Its a CHAMELEON!!! Each finger looks like a different polish!

Cinna-Man of My Dreams (with top coat)

Cinna-Man of My Dreams (with top coat)
Here you can really see the different colored glitters in this polish...(purples, lilacs, coppers, silver...I mean what is in this, crack?!)

I Lilac Gumdrops
This polish is a very beautiful lilac/lavender. It did nothing for me personally colorwise. It has a beautiful silver glitter in it and if you love purples and lilacs this is right up your alley!

I Lilac Gumdrops (2 coats)

I Lilac Gumdrops (2 coats)

I Lilac Gumdrops (with top coat)

My Cherry Amour
This was another surprise favorite for me. I wasn't expecting much, another fuchsia type texture, blah blah. But it's so much more. When you apply this it is this juicy jelly like no other texture I've tried. THEN...then you see these spectacular holo particles and you're like WHAT! IS THIS REAL LIFE?! Yeah, it's that good.

My Cherry Amour (2 coats)

My Cherry Amour (2 coats)

My Cherry Amour (with top coat)

In my final thoughts - the polishes I was expecting to love were actually the ones I ended up liking the least (not to say I disliked them, there was nothing here I didn't love to be honest), and the polishes I wasn't really looking twice at in the bottle were kind of the sleeper hits for ME.

I would also like to add that alot of people are like oh this is the new crackle fad and I'm not going to give in and buy these so they can collect dust in 6 months - and to them, you know what I say?
These have so much versatility you guys! Top coat, matte top coat - do it!

This limited edition collection will be available beginning May 2013 for $7.99 each at retailers including select Walmart (May 2013), CVS (June 2013), Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, Ulta, H-E-B, and Duane Reade locations (August 2013), In Canada, these shades will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada (July 2013), Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug (August 2013).

**items in this post were sent to me by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest review**

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