Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Putting out my feelers!

Hey I'm back again!
I have some content revisions I am working on for the blog in the next month.  Once things die down with the giveaways I am working on, I want to add some new content to the blog, and I would like your input.

Anything that was a regular feature in the past (aka before i went on hiatus) is now gone. This includes Saturday Summary and Interviews with Indies. The summary got to be too much to keep up with, and the Interviews seem to be getting done by other bloggers, so I will leave them to it.

I wanted to do a focus more on THIS blog and also on OTHER bloggers.

So one focus for THIS blog - is to start a feature called Back in Time.
This feature will entail me doing a once a month manicure where I pick one of my manicures from the same month a year in the past and re-do it. Lord knows I have plenty of yucky 'new blogger manis' to revisit.

Another feature I am looking to introduce to the blog is to feature a sister blog on my site.
Essentially, each month I will run a rafflecopter you can enter to be featured on my blog. At the end of each month I will randomly pick a winner and I will run their website link on my sidebar, in an ad-type form, for that month. Free. The only thing I ask is that you are a shop or blog related to polish.

I will still be keeping the Gnarly Number Ones and the occasional Put Up Your Dupes features!

So tell me your thoughts!
Do you like/dislike these new changes?
Have any input or ideas of your own of things you'd like to see/see more of!?
Lemme know in the comments!

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