Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Super Black Lacquers Becky

Have you missed me?!

I'm back with the last of my reviews on Super Black Lacquers.

This one is Becky and she is quite the lady!

Shall we pop in on her?

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Super Black Lacquers - Becky

W7 - Metallic Neptune

Here is Super Black Lacquers - Becky. A sheer deep navy with holo green glitters. Quite the sparkly damsel, this one.

I am pairing her with W7 Metallic Neptune. A beauty of a duochrome and you know what? Its about the best thing ever. This reminds me alot of Ozotic 505 but you know what? THIS ISN'T LAYERED OVER BLACK! This is ONE amazing coat on its own. Holy jamolie.

And here we have the two paired up in a 50/50 mani. 

Super Black Lacquers Becky full on the nail, layered over Metallic Neptune. This is one coat of each plus top coat.

What a beauty! This polish is packed up with glitters and is totally unique! It reminds me of a deep sea dive!

Don't believe the hype! No, I'm kidding. Believe it. And matte it. Always matte it.

You can find Super Black Lacquers HERE - run, don't walk! 
Natalie does really good at keeping her polishes in stock and she even just started doing sets at slightly lower pack prices - so BONUS!

**some items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest opinion**

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