Super Black Lacquers Son of Space Ghost

I've got a double header of awesome for you today! See how nice I am to you when I kind of miss a day(ish)?'s been one thing after another over here so I'm working rather slowly the last few days!

I have these 2 remaining Super Black Lacquers polishes to show you, so I'm going to plug up your feed with pretties!

Items In This Post:
Super Black Lacquers - Son of Space Ghost

W7 - Metallic Mercury

Super Black Lacquers in Son of Space Ghost.  A sheer black base full of fuschia holo glitters and larger purple, pink and silver holo hex glitters. It is like a galaxy up in there.

For this mani I am pairing Son of Space Ghost over W7 Metallic Mercury, a gorgeous multichrome purple, shown here at 2 coats.

Here I have done a 50/50 mani, using one half W7 and one half Super Black Lacquers.

Here is Son of Space Ghost full on the nail over Metallic Mercury. Also shown with a coat of top coat - but this is just one nice medium thick layer. So much glitter payoff and an amazingly buttery formula.

I love it! I could wear this polish every single day!

And - matte! WAH-WAH-WEE-WAH! Or something...

Yes - this is amazing. You need this. You need this NOW!

You can find Super Black Lacquers HERE - run, don't walk! 
Natalie does really good at keeping her polishes in stock and she even just started doing sets at slightly lower pack prices - so BONUS!

**some items in this post were sent to me for free by the company or their pr firm in exchange for my honest opinion**

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