Tex-Y Guys

Remember how I said I was going to laze about today and do that last post? Well, when it rains, it pours! Get it? Because it's like massively pouring down rain here. And our power keeps tripping.
So my boyfriend is outside in the elements cussing it up trying to fix the problem while I sit in the dry house and blog! Hey - sometimes it pays to be a lady.
Here are my last two OPI polish reviews for littlewoods - let's check em out!

Items In This Post:
OPI - Guys Meets Gal-Veston
OPI - Do You Think I'm Tex-Y?

Two gorgeous jellies from the Texas Collection.

On the left we have Do You Think I'm Tex-Y? Well...I do. A gorgeous pinkish/fuschia jelly! On the right we have Guy Meets Gal-Veston - a sunny coral jelly!

Jelly polishes tend to be very sheer because they are meant to be layered, either alone or on top of and underneath other things like glitters or stamping designs, etc. Here they are layered over a white base to get them to a good opacity - both polishes are shown at 3 coats each plus white base and clear top coat.

They self-level nicely and don't do much in the way of streaking for jellies. I don't own a whole lot of jellies, so these are a very welcome addition to my crew!

If you live in the UK - you need to check out Littlewoods! They have a ton of cool stuff to buy and LOTS of awesome nail polish to choose from as well!!

**some items in this post were sent to me by the company or their PR firm for free in exchange for my honest review**

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  1. Peace, Love and PolishMay 19, 2013 at 3:25 PM

    A nice rainy day for blogging here too! I am loving these two jelly polishes - gorgeous!

  2. Stefanie (Fairly Chaming)May 19, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Such a gorgeous pairing! Great way to brighten your rainy day :)

  3. They look really cool, but I don't think I'm patient enough for 3 layers plus underwear :)

  4. i know..its hard with jellies. but for the amount of coats, if you like that jelly/juicy finish, its worth it!


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