UPC - Cheapest Untried

It may have seemed like I forgot to jump on todays Untried Challenge prompt, but I was just keeping you in suspense!

I'm using two polishes for todays theme - which is "Cheapest Untried".

And I'm also throwing in a bonus stamping plates review, too!

Items In This Post:
Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Stamping Plate QA55
Born Pretty Store - Nail Art Stamping Plate QA56

Sinful Colors - Endless Blue
Sally Hansen - Slick Slate

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Image Stamping Plate QA56 has some seriously cute stuff on it! It stamped wonderful, though for this review I've only used one design on this plate. Price is 2.99 straight up.

Born Pretty Store Nail Art Image Stamping Plate QA55 has awesome roses! I used quite a few of them for this manicure and they all did a great job. This plate is also 2.99 out the door.

Here is Endless Blue - the cheapest of my polishes at only 1.99 (or if you're lucky even less on its rare sales). A gorgeous dupe for the highly famed Nails Inc Baker St. This is 2 coats but it's basically a one coater if you apply it careful enough. I had a few drag spots, so it's 2 for me. This is with top coat.

Then I did a little stamping using another even cheaper polish - Sally Hansen Slick Slate. I found this in a clearance 2 pack at Target last week. It was 3.14 for the duo - so this only cost me 1.57. 

Don't mind that one goobed up rose. I was testing a couple of different polishes so it got a little flumpy.

If you like these stamping plates, you can use my coupon code at Born Pretty Store to save 10%!

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  1. Gorgeous mani !! <3

  2. I like the word flumpy. I will be using that. =D

  3. may be the cheapest, but the color is GORGEOUS! love the mani you created!! :)

  4. this is totally the best blue ever!


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