UPC - Most Expensive

So...this post was supposed to be up on SATURDAY.
I'm only...4 days late. So late I actually have two of these back to back to post.

It's another installment of the Untried Polish Challenge, which runs every third day.

Todays' prompt is Most Expensive.
While this isn't my MOST expensive, it's my most expensive in the untried category.
And it's about the limit at what I will pay for a polish, because it's Lynnderella, and I'm worth it.

I'm pairing Lynnderella's BirdBrain Blue over Barry M Greenberry. Both of these have been huge lemmings of mine for AWHILE. Luckily I was finally able to grab this Lynn a few weeks ago, and then I also got this amazing surprise package from Debbie that included this Barry M! SWEET!

BirdBrain Blue is a soft blue jelly base loaded with aqua microglitters and then fun neon pieces in hearts, flowers, hex, diamonds, all kinds of awesome.

I wanted to pair this gorgeous polish over something a little more bold, as I normally see it matched up with sky and light pastel blues. I really think it looks gorgeous with this nice, bright mint greenish blue.

BirdBrain Blue did run pretty thin so I had to fish a LITTLE bit for glitters. But they aren't hard to find at all! This is just one coat over 2 coats of Greenberry and a coat of top coat.

Here is a great view of that aqua microglitter!

You can check out the Lynnderella shop at lynnderella.com 

What's YOUR most expensive polish?
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  1. This is such a cool polish! WOW! I want...

  2. lol at *I'm worth it* - I love this mani though :D

    My most expensive polishes are probably my Diors - my absolute price limit is retail for Chanel and Chanel and Dior are the same price here in the UK, but the Dior bottles are smaller! My most expensive UNTRIED, however, is a Lynnderella I'll be sharing in this challenge - when I get there, I'm way behind you in the list. My Lynn isn't as nice as yours either!

  3. "Because it's Lynnderella, and I'm worth it" lol! I love it! Great combo, too:)

  4. LOL. Yeah, I too got a kick out of the Lynnderella L'Oreal take-off. So true, though. I've yet to acquire my first Lynn, but when it happens, it will be a Very Big Day!

    Love the mani, Missy!

  5. LittleMonsterx14May 22, 2013 at 8:07 PM

    so pretty!

  6. Love this, that a great polish!

  7. if you like neons i think you need it! its really different.

  8. oh now now! all lynns are nice! i dont own one dior or any super high end polishes, i just cant fathom the thought of buying a polish that expensive when i can surely find it cheaper somewhere. i did have a few chanels throughout my lifetime but i never found them to be worth their price tags so i don't imagine i would go out of my way to buy another, but never say never!

  9. it will be! i was super stoked when i got my first one - but back then it was when you had to stalk llarowe at all hours and pray you didn't get a refund email!


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