Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UPC - Neutral - Girly Skittles

Hi again!!
How about I bombard you with posts after going without for a couple days, eh?!
Today is Day 4 of the Untried Polish Challenge and I actually am showing you the polish i JUST posted about before this, so at the time it was UNTRIED! I did them both at the same time because I had a migraine and I was cheating my way through the days!

So today is Neutral Day! Yay! I love me some neutrals!

For this mani I started with CrowsToes Birthday Suit. On the ring I also added some ManGlaze Santorum in a marble design, but under the bow it just kinda looks like poops. Oops.

On the pinky - the roses were done with Orly Solid Gold and ManGlaze Santorum and a cream acrylic paints. Ring finger bow was done with Orly Miss Conduct and the same cream colored acrylic paint.

Middle finger is Orly Miss Conduct, ManGlaze Santorum and cream colored acrylic paint. Pointer zigzag is Orly Solid Gold and ManGlaze Santorum over Birthday Suit.

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