UPC - Oldest - Nars Night Porter

So today is the next day of the Untried Polish Challenge and I have to admit, I oopsed on this one a little.

I had the flu earlier in the week and then I got super sidetracked swatching a bunch of review polishes and working on a blog sale that I kind of forgot about this one until just now.

So even though I've worn this before in another manicure where you barely saw it, this remains an untried swatch for the blog, so here you go!

Today is Oldest Untried Day. That was pretty hard to decide upon. Luckily, as time escaped me, I had this swatch in my unpublished folder I could throw in for you, and since I bought it early last year, it is definitely among the oldest in my collection of untrieds!

It's NARS Night Porter! Here I have matte top coated it - but I think it looks glorious - you are really able to see all of the different colors of shimmer in it.

This was my basecoat for the chalkboard nails mani I did a few weeks ago, it is the perfect shade of chalkboard, isn't it?!

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  1. I love that colour with matte, it just makes it look so classic.

  2. Looks beautiful with the matte topcoat over the top!

  3. Love this shade mattified !! Just gorgeous :)

  4. Love love love this green!!!
    Also I'm bummed because the disqus profile i had created won't let me log in again. Boo.

    Still, love this color!!!

  5. Vedrana BrankovicMay 11, 2013 at 3:43 PM

    It looks awesome in matte.

  6. boo that sucks!!! i hate when that happens!!!

  7. it reminds me of a rubber finish illamasqua almost, with shimmer.

  8. i think so too, seems more versatile and somehow less in your face to me.

  9. Vedrana BrankovicMay 15, 2013 at 2:44 AM

    True. I love matte, but you are a queen of matte.

  10. hahah!! you know this isn't the first time i've heard this!


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