UPC - Ugliest

Ok, I am getting better at getting these up now. This one was only supposed to be up on Tuesday, so I'm only two days bad on this guy!
I promise I will get back on track!
So - Untried Polish Challenge.
This prompt is for "Ugliest" Polish.
Oh poor uglies. I happen to love all polishes unconditionally...so I picked three for this challenge, ones that while I think are all quite pretty (though most people may not), when paired together, they make one fugly mani.

I forgot to shoot the bottle shots, but I am using:
China Glaze - Budding Romance (the base color lime green)
Accessorize - Pink Spice
Julep -Laura

Yeah. What do you think of this nightmare?! Is it straight out of a 1970's kitchen or what?

I happen to love each of these polishes, but when I put them all together in this mish-mash tape mani, they turned into one fuggo monster.

What's YOUR Ugliest polish?
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  3. I have seen worse polishes :-)

  4. I went through some of my drawers, but seriously, I can't call any of them ugly. I've sold the ones I thought were uglier than the others :D

  5. victoria s andrewsMay 23, 2013 at 12:47 PM


  6. Alright, I'll be the demented one who thinks this is actually kind of lovely. Earthy + jewel tone!

  7. Ugliest is really hard for me, I love all my polishes. I really love all three polishes you used here, maybe not together, but it's still a really fun and funky look.

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  9. lol! Individually I like them, and I like the two greens together, but yep, you've made an ugly combination I fear. Sorry!

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  11. oh yeah same! i love these all but together...? whoo.

  12. exactly. i mean, they're all my children and they're all beautiful.

  13. LOLOL! Thats pretty much what I said when the last piece of tape came up.

  14. yeah same with me, how do you call one of your lovelies ugly?!

  15. I don't believe polishes can be ugly! nope, and even more so if I picked it out and took it home to live with me. I saw something in it that makes me love it.

  16. I had a really hard time picking an "ugly" polish too. I ended up deciding RBL's Turn It Around was the closest thing I had to ugly. I like the idea of combining polishes to make an "ugly" mani rather than singling out one of your pretties.

  17. I am soooo glad that you said they were Fugly BEFORE I did. When it came on my feed, thought "Awe, those are perfectly done"....LOL I still kinda like them, you can find something beautiful even in the ugly!!!


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