Back In Time! UK Style!

So, you may know already that it's June. Because I told you before, so I hope you were listening/reading. You were, right? Cool.
I told ya'll last month there would be some new content rolling through soon, as you saw earlier, and here is the other.
Back In Time.
A series where every month I will go back one year ago and pick a manicure from the same month last year and re-do it.
HOWEVER, I'm not doing this alone! The Crumpet has graciously hopped on board to keep me company on this time travelling adventure! Call her the DOC to my Marty! Not only will we do our own, but we'll do each others too!
On the first of each month, we will do our own recreations. Then on the 15th, we will do each others!

So today being the 1st of June, I am doing a mani-recreation of my own.
I have chosen to re-create THIS mani from last June.

So, you may have noticed this is, how do you say...? Crackley? Crackle-y? Crackilly?
Its cracking! What the blip!?

I used a base of Ruby Kisses Dance with the Devil then topped it with Orly Stone Cold to get a deep blue shimmer. On all other nails I topped with Meta Metics Blood & Snow.

On the accent I taped off in a union jack pattern and then I went in with a MASH Nail Art Pen in white and kind of traced around the tape lines. Because these pens are super fluid and not very opaque, I had to go over the lines a few times to get them bright white. I guess when I did, it made them do the crackey dance. But in 'real life' you couldn't tell...I didn't even know until I looked at the pics that it had even happened. Boo. adds an interesting flair I guess. I always need more pieces of FLAIR!

In case you didn't click that link up there to show you my old mani this was spun from, I'll help you out lazy! This is what last years mani looked like:

Now - go check out The Crumpet and see what she did too!

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  1. Wow totally rocking the Union Jack, love it! P.S. Love the new design too!

  2. Ooh I like them both but the new version looks really cool to me-it's a bit grungy and edgy and awesome =)

  3. so i love the mani, especially the navy union jack, but WHY am I Doc? Just cos I have crazy hair? Can't I be the River Song to your Doctor, you know that makes more sense xx :)

  4. I love this design! The new version is a little bit steampunk :)

  5. This is a cool idea and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts! I love today's mani - have say I like the 2013 version much better than last years!

  6. LittleMonsterx14June 1, 2013 at 8:24 PM

    your new version is awesome!

  7. As much as I can! And thank you!!

  8. Yes, it is because you have crazy hair and should be in a white suit. BUT you can be River to my Doctor, because bowties are cool!

  9. Right? Ugh I hate taking time warps.

  10. victoria s andrewsJune 2, 2013 at 6:26 AM

    A really great job, colors are spot on and your lines are magic!

  11. Love your new take on an old mani! I'm a sucker for posts like these so I'm excited to see more :)


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